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Airbus H135

Airbus H135

Additional Pictures:

  • Airbus H135 Photo

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     REGISTRATION: Available upon request
     LOCATION:Texas, United States




    Mandatory Equipment :
    Special Interior Painting

    Optional Equipment:
    Stylence®, 5 Passengers, 1 Cabinet, Package (AAT- STC), 2018
    Stylence Height Adjustable Copilot Seat Instead of Standard Copilot Seat
    Stylence Height Adjustable Pilot Seat Instead of Standard Pilot Seat
    Stylence Front Middle Passenger Seat (QTY 2)
    Stylence Front Passenger Seats (2 Seats
    Stylence Rear Passenger Seats (2 Seats)
    Stylence Pilot Seat Protective Cover (GSE) (Qty 2)
    Stylence Passenger Seat Protective Cover (GSE) (GTY 5)
    Stylence Armrest in Rear Window Niches
    Stylence Entrance Rails
    Stylence Carpet for Cabin
    Stylence Carpet for Cockpit
    Stylence Capet for Cargo Compartment
    Stylence Leather Cuffs for Flight Controls
    Stylence Rear Cabinet with USB Power Socket
    Stylence Passenger Service Units (PSU)
    Stylence Metal Placards
    Enhanced Sound Proofing Kit
    Separation Wall for Cabin / Cargo Compartment
    Jettisonable Cockpit Doors
    Map Cases in Sliding Doors
    Retractable Coat Hooks in Rear Cabin (2 Hooks)


    Mandatory Equipment:
    Avionics Package DP IFR GC FTN 750
    Digital Audio Control System (DACS), Incl. ACP53 (Cobham), Pilot + Copilot
    Transponder (Mode S) GTX33 ES Garmin
    Distance Measuring Equipment DME 4000 (Rockwell Collins)
    Marker Beacon Receiver MKR3300-1 (Becker)
    GPS/NAV/COM GtN750 (Garmin), Copilot
    GPS/NAV/COM GtN750 (Garmin), Pilot
    Flight Display Subsystem (FDS), Copilot
    Avionics Package DP IFR GTN Series Interconnection / Wiring
    Radar Altimeter KRA 405B (Honeywell)
    Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning System (H-TAWS) – Helionix
    Synthetic Vision System (SVS) – Helionix
    Additional Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) & Magnetometer
    Copilot Pilot Static System
    4-Asix Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)
    Lightweight Aircraft Recording System (LARS) Alerts Vision 1000 (Appareo)
    iPad Air Holder, Pilot
    Electrical Fixed Provisions, 5 VDC, Pilot

    Optional Equipment:
    Headset Electrical Power Supply (28 VDC), Fixed Provisions
    Traffic Advisory System TAS 320 (Avidyne), Fixed Provisions
    Wireless Connectivity

    Detachable Parts:
    Headset Adapter Cable Crew GLENAIR / LEMO ANR (QTY 2)
    Headset Adapter Cable Pax GLENAIR / LEMO ANR (QTY 5)
    Headset A20 ANR LEMO (Bose), low impedance (QTY 7)
    Traffic Advisory System TAS 620 (Avidyne) Detachable Parts (QTY 1)


    Mandatory Equipment:
    First Aid Kit
    Engine Fire Extinguishing System
    Fuzz Burners for Engines
    Engine Cowling Heat Protection
    Engine Compressor Wash Kit
    Flashlight for Copilot Side
    Tinted Sun Shades for Cockpit Windshield Roof Section
    Windshield Wiper System
    Center Console
    Avionics Compartment
    Copilot Flight Controls, Detachable Parts
    7” Copilot instrument Panel with Glare Shield
    Map Case in Copilot Door
    Map Cases on Instrument Panel Glare Shield
    Bleed Air Hearting System
    Battery (40Ah, 24 VDC) ULM (Saft) Instead of Standard Battery
    Rotor Brake System
    Search & Landing Light, Fixed Provisions
    Search & Landing Light, Detachable Parts
    Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)

    Optional Equipment:
    Enhanced Exterior Painting Instead of Standard Painting
    Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) System
    Tinted Windows in Cabin
    Tinted Front Windshields
    Tinted Windows in Cockpit Doors
    Air Conditioning System (ACS)
    External Rear-View Camera on Landing Gear, Fixed Provisions
    White Strobe Lights
    Emergency Floats, Fixed Provisions
    Boarding Step Illuminations
    Illuminated Signs “NO SMOKING / FASTEN SEAT BELT”

    Detachable Parts:
    External Rear View Camera on Landing Gear Detachable Parts


    VIP H135 (EC135P3) delivered late 2018 with a DP IFR avionics suite and Airbus’ Helionix glass cockpit with state-of-the-art 4-axis autopilot, providing the best available comfort, luxury, safety, and technology in a light twin. The immaculate five seat passenger cabin includes enhanced soundproofing and functional cabinetry with the finest leather and finishes.

    PRICE: $ Call

    Please mention Aircraftbargains
    Cannon Aviation Group, Inc.
    Scott Cannon
    304 Terminal Drive
    Georgetown  78628
    Phone1: 512-868-0007
    Fax: 512-868-0550

    Beware of Scammers !!!

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