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F16 takeoff
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2020Airbus A320NEO for sale MCMC 20Call  A 180+ Days
2020Airbus A321NEO for sale MCMC 20Call  A 180+ Days
1970Beechcraft A60 Duke first $105 NCUSAUS 4300105000  U 180+ Days
2013Beechcraft G36 Bonanza MAUSAUS 591579900  A 180+ Days
2010Bell 407 TXUSAUS 40502095000  U 103 Days
1986Bell 412 TXUSAUS 71852595000  U 103 Days
1982Bell B3 ranger 206 COCO 4135548000  A 102 Days
1990Boeing 737-300F ZWZW 320986000000  U 93 Days
1994Boeing B747-400F FLUSAUS 87520Call  A 161 Days
1998Boeing B747-400F ILUSAUS 683728500000  A 180+ Days
2007Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP CAUSAUS 1160Call  A 180+ Days
1989Cessna caravan 208 COCO 2152798000  A 102 Days
2008Cessna Grand C208B ZWZW 13643Call  A 93 Days
1999Cessna Grand C208B ZWZW 17438Call  A 93 Days

2015Cirrus SR22 G5 GTS Platinum OKUSAUS 520Call  A 180+ Days
2016Cirrus SR22T GTS Vision + FIKI OKUSAUS 385Call  A 180+ Days
2013Cirrus SR22T GTS Vision + FIKI OKUSAUS 501Call  A 180+ Days
1990Eurocopter AS 350 B2 CHCH Call  A 180+ Days
2010Eurocopter AS 350 B3+ CHCH 3018Call  A 91 Days
2012Eurocopter AS 350 B3e CHCH 2076Call  A 180+ Days
1980Eurocopter AS 350 BA CHCH Call  A 180+ Days
1989Eurocopter BK117B2 CANCA 11149Call  A 34 Days
1999Eurocopter EC120B TXUSAUS 895000  U 103 Days
2013Robinson R22 Beta 2 CHCH Call  A 69 Days
1999Robinson R44 Clipper I GRGR 849Call  U 180+ Days
2006Robinson R44 Raven II w/AC FLUSAUS 1132329500  U 5 Days
2006Robinson R44 Raven II w/AC FLUSAUS 1659298000  U 32 Days
2022Robinson R44 Raven II with A/C FLUSAUS Call  U 153 Days
2013Robinson R66 Marine w/AC w/Api FLUSAUS 934679000  U 14 Days
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