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Avitop.com Banner Exchange
Please read carefully.

  • This banner exchange is only available to Aviation Top 100/1000 sites, so if you are not allready a member, please press here to join

  • Members of the Aviation Top 100 can join the banner exchange by logging into their account and pressing the link "Join Banner Exchange". After joining, this link will change to "Banner Exchange" and webmasters can check all their statistics by pressing this link. Log into Top 100 account.

  • This is a 3:2 ratio banner exchange. For every 3 banners shown on your site, two of your banners will be shown on other sites.

  • In order to join the Avitop.com Banner Exchange you have to comply with the following Terms.

  • You have to be an active member of the Aviation Top 100 in order to sign up for the Banner Exchange. The banner you are adding to the exchange has to promote the site added to the Aviation Top 100.

  • All Avitop.com exchange banners must be placed on a page such that the majority of people visiting that page will see and notice the banner

  • A member may not artificially inflate traffic counts to his or her site using a device, program, or other means. A member may not display more than one Avitop.com exchange banner on any page. A member may NOT include the banner on any pages that automatically reload or go to another page without interaction from the user (i.e., client pull or server push) or on a page which is inaccessible to the general surfing population.

  • The banner cannot contain any adult content or link to any adult materials or sites providing links to or advertising illegal activities such as illegal software, "cracks" etc.

  • The banners can be animated, but may not be annoying blinking banners - We reserve rights to delete any account at any time without prior notice

  • All cheating atempts are logged and will finally result in the exclusion of the site.

  • Banner must be 468x60 and maximum 20Kb in size.

  • Banners can not be hosted on "limited bandwith servers", that may not present the logo 24/7 due to max transfer restrictions.

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