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Fighter pilot as the hunter

Last post 11-01-2005, 3:06 PM by RusHunter. 0 replies.
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  •  11-01-2005, 3:06 PM 3104

    Fighter pilot as the hunter

    Dear fighter pilots,

    Once, having rise up in the sky, you for ever remain in its authority. I since the early childhood dreamed in order to fly and I have carried out this dream, became a fighter pilot. Being the pilot, I have flown a pair of thousand hours on aircrafts Su-15, Su-20, Su-22, MiG-23m, MiG-29.

    Today I do not fly any more on a fighters, but insuperable desire had remained again to feel the plane in the hands. A fighter-pilot this is status of soul. I would say even, that it is the diagnosis. Any other job cannot be compared to job of a fighter pilot. It is difficult for us to find terrestrial job which would deliver the same satisfaction as job of the pilot.

    But fighter pilot is the born hunter and therefore I has found for itself the hobby on the ground. I hunt on of brown bears, on of mooses, on of ibexs and on others of animals on huge open spaces of Russia and I arrange the hunting trips for everyone who has passion to hunting. See our site www.rushunting.com.

    I invite you for a hunt to Russia and the countries CIS. Together with me, you'll visit taiga places where the foot of the person seldom went, and you will feel such emission of adrenaline at a pursuit of an animal, commensurable only with that, when you attacked an air target. In the evenings after hunting, we shall "cordially fly" together, sitting for a table with traditional Russian food and vodka.

    Do not hesitate, join us.

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