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Terminal velocity in a dive

Last post 03-12-2006, 11:40 PM by King_Wakka. 1 replies.
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  •  12-11-2005, 11:50 AM 3131

    Terminal velocity in a dive


    What is the terminal velocity for an F-16, or similar fighter jet, in an unpowered dive?  Will an F-16 break the sound barrier if diving straight down with engines off?  Consider a starting altitude of about 50,000 feet.

    I'm developing the physics portion of a flight sim game and when I drop a fighter jet from 50,000 feet with no thrust, it reaches about 820 mph, then begins to slow down at around 20,000 feet due to the thicker atmosphere.  Is this close to real-world?

    I hope the pilot who can answer this question lived to tell about it Smile


  •  03-12-2006, 11:40 PM 3268 in reply to 3131

    Re: Terminal velocity in a dive

    yes i believe that a F-16 fighter unpowered from 50,000 feet would break the soundbarrier but when the plane breaks it, it would be going to fast to pull out of the dive and the piolt would have to efect from the plane.
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