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RC Helicopters

Everything related to flying with Radio Controlled Helicopters


Thread Last Post Replies Views
G4 Trex 450?
by cudaboy_71
by hunt G4 Trex 450?
09-21-2015 7:19 AM
1 23,948
6CH Electric RC Helicopter
by hunt 6CH Electric RC Helicopter
09-21-2015 7:18 AM
2 27,941
Win Esky Honeybee CP2 Helicopter
by rchelifan
by hunt Win Esky Honeybee CP2 Helicopter
09-21-2015 7:15 AM
1 17,729
good and cheap usb interface for sims.
by Raptor_King
by hunt good and cheap usb interface for sims.
09-21-2015 7:13 AM
2 25,096
by hangmei08
by carlbug Hi,everybody
07-21-2011 11:58 PM
1 17,239
What is the electric 3D RC helicopter?
by gootchrc
by hangmei08 What is the electric 3D RC helicopter?
04-19-2010 9:00 PM
1 12,388
RC Helicopter Videos
by franklin
by hangmei08 RC Helicopter Videos
04-19-2010 8:46 PM
3 27,332
How do I set up my GT450 V3 charger?
by rchelicopters
by rchelicopters How do I set up my GT450 V3 charger?
03-31-2010 2:07 AM
- 6,616
How to Set Gyro and Tail neutral?
by rchelicopters
by rchelicopters How to Set Gyro and Tail neutral?
03-18-2010 2:56 AM
- 6,461
Beginner radio controlled helicopter
by christinedwrds Beginner radio controlled helicopter
12-11-2009 9:42 PM
1 17,589
Esky Honey Bee CP2
by MAllen400
by MAllen400 Esky Honey Bee CP2
03-14-2009 12:24 PM
- 11,991
Smile [:)] Inverted Raptor 50
by run
by run Inverted Raptor 50
12-03-2004 3:42 PM
2 32,150
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