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Talking to a Recruiter....Major Q's????

Last post 03-20-2007, 12:44 PM by BIGMAC. 2 replies.
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  •  07-26-2005, 10:11 PM 2990

    Talking to a Recruiter....Major Q's????

    I have one year left until I am finished with a BA in Criminology from Central Connecticut State University with a GPA higher than a 3.0 and I am extremely interested in being a fighter pilot to say the least.  I was wondering besides meeting all of the basic qualifications, plus studying for the AFOQT what else should I do in order to be successful in my endeavor.  Is there anything to look out for with the recruiters?  Did I completely destroy my chances of making it seeing as I did not go to the AFA?  Also if I am not selected as a fighter pilot right off the bat can I start as, say a Nav and then become a fighter pilot or is that option over if I am not selected initially?  It has been my dream to do this ever since I can remember (plus memorizing the entire movie "Top Gun" probably showed some interest to).  I really would appreciate as much information as I can get on these questions as well as the entire process (if possible).  Thanks for you time.

    Aspiring Fighter Pilot,

    Michael C. Graf
  •  02-26-2006, 11:34 AM 3227 in reply to 2990

    Re: Talking to a Recruiter....Major Q's????

    Well how many years did you complete in college? Did you earn your bachelors degree? You need to become an officer to become a fighter pilot in the airforce before a certain age. And you dont go in as a pilot. You will take tests and the higher grade you get on them gives you a higher chance of applying for a fighter pilot slot. You have to be an accepted pilot candidate and go through all that UPT stuff I think.

    Go talk to your local recruiter is all that can be said.
  •  03-20-2007, 12:44 PM 4132 in reply to 3227

    Re: Talking to a Recruiter....Major Q's????

    You need to talk to an officer selection officer not a recruiter. 


    You need a four year degree and get better than a 2.5GPA.  Shoot for much higher.

    Take AFOQT-  you can only take it twice so study hard.

    Take TBAS- It is a computer-based flight aptitude test designed to measure a pilot applicant's psychomotor (aka hand-eye coordination) skills and cognitive aptitude. wantscheck.com

    You need to get some flying hours and shoot to have at least your Private Pilot License.

    After you do all this you will have a pcsm score that figures your scores and flying times into a toal score.

    You need to be in good shape and within AF specs Height/weight and be able to pass a Class I flight physical.

    If you are competitive put together a package for a pilot slot through OTS. 

    If you are selected you will go to OTS Officer Training School then to UPT under graduate pilot training 11-12 months. 

    If you do well at UPT you may have the option of choosing your airframe.  This means you might be an F-15 pilot or a C-130 pilot. 

    You can also apply to Guard in a similar method but it is highly competitive. 


    Here is a website with tons of info.  Just about any question can be answered.


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