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General Questions of the USAF??

Last post 10-11-2007, 12:41 PM by eaglei022. 1 replies.
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  •  08-13-2007, 10:28 PM 4620

    General Questions of the USAF??

    Hi I'm 19 and unfortunately I just started embarking on my childhood dream of being in the Air Force.  I just took the ASVAB not too long ago and I got a 76.  I'm just curious as well as what careers this can earn me.  As well, I hope to eventually be a pilot in the USAF, and I plan to major in avionics (I used to major in architecture) and be a aircraft mechanic for a while.  During this like I said before I plan to go to college during this and study avionics, I'm am also well aware of the laser eye surgery they can give you in the air force.  I'm also in a peak phyisical condition.  Unfortunately I'm a bit of a lightwieght I weigh only 135lbs. and am 5-8. So basically the main questions are:

    1. What jobs can I do while I'm enlisted before I graduate college and OTS with that score of 76?

    2. How better are my chances if I do take those paths would I be able to get to be a fighter pilot?

    3. I hear that pilots can have that surgery only with the Air Force doctors, and would I have to gain weight?

    If you can answers these questions and more I would GREATLY appreciate it.

    take care you guys....   

  •  10-11-2007, 12:41 PM 4741 in reply to 4620

    Re: General Questions of the USAF??

    First off, you wanna be an officer. Can you afford college before hand? because I would reccomend doing that and ROTC. Since you wanna be on the flight line you will probably pull long shifts and won't have much time for college. I was a F-16 Crewchief , I was on all shifts from days to skeleton crew. days I pulled at least 10hrs everyday. Swings occasional 12 hrs.. but mostly 7hrs.. and midnights.. anywhere from 7-12hrs. And you are asking what you can do with your score.. do you know what your break down score is for each field?  Mechanical, electrical...ext..    If you know that, I know there is a website out there that lists jobs in the Air Force and tells you the scores you need to get them. First off, your recruiter should have these details and second I think the Airforce.com page has the jobs and qualifications on it. 
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