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USAF Pilot

Last post 11-29-2007, 10:24 PM by Agent. 3 replies.
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  •  11-22-2007, 8:20 PM 4882

    USAF Pilot

    I am currently a senior in college and have 1 semester left to receive my BS in Mechanical Engineering. I currently hold a 3.1 GPA. I received Lasik back in June  of this year and everything is 100% normal so they say. I've passed the Class 1 flight physical for the Army..

    However, I have a few law run-ins.

    1. Unlawful possession of alcohol when i was 20 - case dismissed with 20 Hrs of Comm Service

    2. Two opperating to endangers for going fast on my motorcycle - both dismissed

    3. Disordery - dismissed with $300 court fees

    I was informed that before being accepted into OTS/ pilot school, each candidate must be accepted by a board of aviation commanders that meet about 3 times per year.

    My question is this, will any of these things disqualify me, even though I did not get convicted? Also, will this be the only thing they look at during the board? I'm curious as to what else they will look at, captain of my teams, being in a fraternity (seeing as though squadrons are a fraternity within themselves), engineering, and I also currently hold a Department of Defense Secret Security Clearance from working a year at Lockheed Martin.

    Any input from actual pilots or recruiters would be helpful. Thanks.

  •  11-22-2007, 8:29 PM 4883 in reply to 4882

    Re: USAF Pilot

    I just want to note that I also currently have three letters of recommendations from three retired pilots that i've known over the year through Lockheed Martin

    O-3 Navy Leuitenant (Aviator Navigator)

    Two were actual pilots, the other was a cockpit naviator.

    Will any of this be taken into consideration with being accepted as well?
  •  11-26-2007, 11:18 PM 4896 in reply to 4883

    Re: USAF Pilot

    What program are you going through?  Class 1 for the ARMY?...I'm pretty sure the AF Class 1 is slightly different.

    I don't know a whole lot about legal issues.  I would recommend military.com forums (or maybe the site itself) for some poeple with more experience.

  •  11-29-2007, 10:24 PM 4904 in reply to 4882

    Re: USAF Pilot


    About me:  F-16 pilot--17 years, BSME, MAE.

    It's all about timing.  If there are lots of applicants for very little jobs. The scrutinzing goes up.  The inverse applies as well. 

    Physical issues.  one of your posts is exactly correct.  AF physical and Army physical are NOT the same thing.  I'm pretty sure lasic is no longer a disqualifier though. 

    Legal issues.  Any one "in-and-of-itself" is not too big of a deal.  You should refrain from exhibiting a trend of undisciplined behavior.  The fighter business (and flying in general) is very disciplined.  We work as a team, and need full assurance that everyone has the discipline to come through when it counts.  You can explain away young behavior, but if there are continual issues with the law, it is more difficult to justify.  I'd really work hard to drive a clean slate from here on out.  Put lots of time between you and your last "incident."  If you get to interview, it will show a lot of maturity for you to take accountability of your prior actions, and show how you have grown from it.  (Hard to buy,  "I really matured and learned alot from that incident..." when your interviewer is looking at two or three of the same offense).

    Other stuff.

    They DON'T care about the fraternity.  

    They DO care about Captains of team (demonstrates leadership potential).

    They DO care about the Engineering Degree (and GPA).  However, if you get to go to pilot training, you'll have to "undo" some of your engineering ways--real fast.

    They DO care about "teachablility".  The simple stuff.  Not all those PDEs, ODEs, and Thermo that you are churning out in your engineering studies.  Things like pain response.  Here's an example:   "It financially hurts when I get a ticket on my motorcycle."  A teachable guy is responsive to this and won't get any more tickets.  He carefully learns from all the cues around him and incorporates these as postive habits.

    One last thing.   There are no guarantees, but this is as close as I can think of:   One "for sure" disqualifier is drugs.  Once you go there, you're done with us.

    Hope this helps.



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