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Another teen aspiring to be a fighter pilot.

Last post 01-16-2008, 1:44 AM by kitin. 5 replies.
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  •  07-27-2007, 10:40 PM 4572

    Another teen aspiring to be a fighter pilot.

    Hey everyone,
                          Now I understand that you guys get alot of kids like me asking questions about their odds of becoming a pilot etc... and I was wondering if you all could answer a few (quite a few) questions for me.

                          Well, to start off I am 16 years old in highschool going into junior year and I have decided I want to become a Naval or Air Force Fighter pilot (really what ever academy I can get into).  My gpa (including freshman year) is running about a 3.6 and will most likely become a 3.7-3.75 by the end of junior year.  My highschool is ranked 3 (or 4 don't remeber) in the whole state of california and I am probably the only kid in the whole damn school who plans to join the military.  I' ve grown up among alot of rich kids and I think that someone from my city needs to do their part in the defense of this country.  Anyways, I have never recieved a C or lower on my report cards and I never will.  After I complete highschool I will have 4 years of math (alg, geo, trig and statistics no calculus), I will have 3 years of computer science (2 of them advance placement), 3 years of history, other advance placements, astronomy, biology, physics and chemestry.  My only problem is I will have 2 years of latin and the airforce academy reccomends 2 years of a modern language.

                       So here are some of my questions:
    Is it ok to have 2 or more years of latin instead of a modern language be ok?
    Will i get into any academy?(The senator nomination is in the bag)
    Do the academies look at freshman year GPA?

    My extracirriculars will be Game Programming (a year long class at my school), junior lifegaurd and my community service will consist of working with a non-profit cancer foundation and being a life guard.  I probably will not join a sports team at my school but are those enough extra cirricular activities?

    Thanks In advance for the responses.

    I am a frequent church goer (3 out of 4 weeks) and I work out 6 times a week.

    I also forgot to add that I have exceptional eye sight, far far better than average.  I'm about 5'6'' (still growing alot, im kinda late) and Im about 120 pounds
  •  08-17-2007, 1:37 AM 4626 in reply to 4572

    Re: Another teen aspiring to be a fighter pilot.

    wait so you arent doing math in highschool? you really need to get to calculas . i would focus more on the math than the languages . and physics .
  •  08-17-2007, 1:38 AM 4627 in reply to 4572

    Re: Another teen aspiring to be a fighter pilot.

    you should also join up on a sports team they look for that too . join boy scouts and try to earn your eagle that is a HUUUUUGEEEEE PLUS!!!!!!
  •  10-31-2007, 3:44 PM 4816 in reply to 4627

    Re: Another teen aspiring to be a fighter pilot.

    You are missing sports.  That is a moderately big problem.  Not having calc will hurt, but it won't stop you.  I don't know if the Academy will consider being a life guard to be leadership (you are a bit slim on that area too).  The language thing is probably not important. 

    You cannot become an Eagle in two years, it is impossible because there are required positions based on time.

  •  11-07-2007, 7:03 PM 4837 in reply to 4627

    Re: Another teen aspiring to be a fighter pilot.

  •  01-16-2008, 1:44 AM 5095 in reply to 4572

    Re: Another teen aspiring to be a fighter pilot.

    Physical and emotional part of you should be ready before you go on...So start doing sports for your physical readiness and yeah math is also important...you need it...
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