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Is there any chance of me becoming a fighter pilot?

Last post 07-15-2009, 12:53 AM by raimius. 11 replies.
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  •  04-15-2007, 10:31 AM 4182

    Is there any chance of me becoming a fighter pilot?

    I'm 12 years old and I realy want to become a fighter pilot. I don't have any activies, but I'm thinking about joining volley ball and track. What are the maximum height and weight for becoming a fighter pilot?Confused

  •  04-16-2007, 3:53 PM 4190 in reply to 4182

    Re: Is there any chance of me becoming a fighter pilot?

    The maxi. hight is 78in the weight is 255lbs.Cool I think you can make it how are your grades, thouse matter the most next to health.
  • Don't worry you'll make it
  • Yes
  •  04-18-2007, 11:37 PM 4217 in reply to 4182

    Re: Is there any chance of me becoming a fighter pilot?

    That is alright, you still have a LOT of time.  Do things that you like and do well at them.  Study hard in school and keep up your good work.
  •  04-22-2007, 10:06 PM 4238 in reply to 4182

    Re: Is there any chance of me becoming a fighter pilot?

    Hello, that is a very great dream.

    While you are still young, you can join a military school for boys for now. What do you think of that? You are trained to be physically fit and defelop leadership and brotherhood. It is open for everybody and is definitely a good way to nurture that dream.

    Best of Luck for You.
  •  07-19-2007, 9:58 PM 4548 in reply to 4182

    Re: Is there any chance of me becoming a fighter pilot?

          Yes there is my friend.  You can be anything you want to be as long as you dedicate yourself and set your mind to it.  Let me give you a list of things to start working on.  First off , study and study hard.  Grades are a very essential part of becoming a fighter pilot.  Devote your time to your school work.  There is no time to play around.  Start preparing now.  Learn everything you can about aviation.  Make sure to develop your math and science skills.  I suggest you buy books that will teach you the basics of math rules and etc.   Buy books on aviation and flight skills.  The more you know the better off you are.  If you can,  begin learning the basics of how to fly now.  If you have a local airport in your area, find out if you can obtain flight instruction or lessons.  Every bit helps.  Get your private pilots license as soon as you can, which should be 18. It will run you about $6000 to obtain the license.   That is another key step in becoming a fighter pilot.  The earlier you learn everything the better off you are.    Work hard now and it will pay off in the end trust me.  When you come of age, go out to each recruiter, and obtain every bit of information you can about fighter piloting.   Dont just center your foucus on one branch check out every one, the air force, marines, the navy, and the air guard.  If your sole plan is to become a fighter pilot dont be picky.  Get the best offer you can possible recieve.  You must have a college degree to become a fighter pilot, no exceptions.   You must go to college.  There are several ways of doing this.  I suggest you apply to a service academy, either the airforce academy or the naval academy.  This is no easy task.  I am currently a candidate for the naval academy.  Let me tell you, theres a dump truck load in information to fill out and send out.   Start preparing in high school.   Have atleast a 3.8 GPA and a 22 on your ACT, or the SAT equivilant.  Also check out the AFROTC or the NROTC.   They will offer you scholarships in up to $180000.   Right now the Marines offered me over a hundred thousand dollar scholarship to go to the college of my choice.  Either way, your set.  It wont be easy the competition and sacrifice in intense but it is worth it.   One thing you must understand, becoming a fighter pilot is not just fun and games.   It is an honor.  You must realize that you will be on leave for months at a time.  You can die in the line of duty.  And will always be in danger.  You no longer live for yourself but live for you country.  Make sure you know the cost and understand the sacrifice of what you want to do. And one more thing.   The man who runs the local airport where I live, his son was a fighter pilot for the Navy. His son attended my local high school.  He was accepted into the Naval Academy and from there trained and worked hard to become a fighter pilot for the Navy.  The man has really lived the life.  He was a graduate of the Top Gun school.  He flew the F-14 for 4 years.  He was one of the fighter pilots in the movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise.  He said that when they were doing the stunts with Tom Cruise in the jets.  When they landed, they had to carry Tom out of the *** pit and put him on his feet.  Tom then threw up all over himself and collapsed, lol.    The man has seen and done it all.  He doesnt regret a thing, and wouldnt change it for the world.  The stories he has flying are incredible.  The reason he only flew for 4 years was because he was such an excellent fighter pilot they wanted to put him in a desk job and he said the hell with that.  So he left the Navy.  But every moment spent there, even though it was short, was worth it.  He now flys for Delta, and works 15 days out of the month, and makes $290000 a year.  So that is something to look foreward to for you.   I one day also hope to become a fighter pilot, I would give anything to become one.  Keep it up man.  One day you just might find yourself breaking the speed of sound.  For now, keep working on it, one day we might meet each other in the skys, lol.
  •  08-04-2007, 11:03 PM 4581 in reply to 4548

    Re: Is there any chance of me becoming a fighter pilot?

    Good advice, but one little detail...22 ACT is not likely to cut it.  The average for USAFA is around 29-30 ACT.
  •  09-11-2007, 7:28 PM 4681 in reply to 4182

    Re: Is there any chance of me becoming a fighter pilot?

    Chances are if you work hard and get active you should have no problem getting in. You can't really go by your body size when your 12. Many things change when you hit puberty. When I was 12, I was 5'2'', 165pounds. Now I'm 14years 9months. I currently stand 5'11'' 165pounds. When I was 12 I ran close to a 8:30 mile. Now I run a 5:58.

    When you pick an activity, make sure its somthing you like. I choose football cause it keeps me active and well frankly, I kick ass. My life pretty much revolves around football and school now. I enjoy it. My days are full and it keeps me busy. Its made a few of my friends(mostly girls) kinda angry, but I make time to hang with them on the weekends.

    As I have talked to a few academy graduates now, they have told me it consist of 3 things.

        -Grades(GPA, SAT, ACT)
        -Activites(Be involved a lot, but keep time fore homework)
        -!!!Well rounded person!!!
    Student Pilot
  •  09-12-2008, 5:13 AM 5837 in reply to 4182

    Re: Is there any chance of me becoming a fighter pilot?

    Remember one thing now there is a long time just workout on the your weak factors and one day came when you  become a good fighter pilot.  To learn some facts about aviation. The Aviation industry is full of acronyms and highly technical
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    airport codes and names, technical and mechanical data on aircrafts; a
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    you will certainly enjoy this extensive and complete collection of
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  •  11-26-2008, 4:56 PM 6141 in reply to 4182

    Re: Is there any chance of me becoming a fighter pilot?

    Yes indeed you do personally i would find out if there are any sea cadet division in your area. I'm 14 and I am a petty officer 3rd class in the sea cadets. I am taking FAA ground school next summer, and through the rest of the advanced trainings.

    Po3 Mantay

  •  11-26-2008, 5:00 PM 6142 in reply to 6141

    Re: Is there any chance of me becoming a fighter pilot?

    also tons of things come into play. especially your studies.

    PO3 Mantay

    Walled Lake MI

  •  06-28-2009, 10:40 PM 7916 in reply to 4548

    how do u join the academy at 14

    Im 14 and i would love to join the academy but i have no idea how.


  •  07-15-2009, 12:53 AM 8002 in reply to 7916

    Re: how do u join the academy at 14

    Do well in high school.  Get good grades.  Take the hardest classes.  Be involved in athletic activities, and hold leadership positions.

    During your junior year, apply for summer seminar.

    During your senior year, apply for a nomination and apply to the academy.

    More info at www.academyadmissions.com

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