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how to break from incoming missille

Last post 08-19-2007, 7:13 AM by Admin. 5 replies.
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  •  11-30-2002, 9:10 PM 2079

    how to break from incoming missille

    Hi, could somebody give me advice about breaking from incoming missille. Is there any instrument that could tell the position and the speed of a missille. How about the angle, speed, maneuvers, effective distance of the fighter to break from the incoming missille. Give me everything, anything. Pleeeease ....
  •  04-08-2003, 7:55 PM 2248 in reply to 2079

    Re: how to break from incoming missille

    check your RWR (Radar Warning Receiver) if you know what type of missile was launched at you deploy chaff and or flares as needed. Also if you jink your aircraft around and turn OFF all radar emtiing and receiveing devices. And I dont know about effective distance or stuff of that sort
  •  12-03-2004, 2:42 PM 2715 in reply to 2079

    Re: how to break from incoming missille

    There are umpteen variables including type of missile, your speed, your altitude, etc.

    As for detecting an inbound missile, again there are multiple variables.  If it's a radar guided SAM, your systems will tell you when the tracking station has detected you, when it has shifted to tracking mode, when it has a firing solution and has shifted to launch mode, whne you are locked on, and when the missile has launched.  You will also be told what quandrant the missile is approaching from so you can look for it.

    Your systems will also attempt to jam the missile tracking radar and after lock-on, will try to break lock.  If the missile is inbound, your systems will try to jam its guidance or else spoof its guidance (fool it into missing you).  this can be done passively with chaff, or actively with a jammer, and on new (US) aircraft, you'll have a towed jamming pod.  If it's an IR missile and you have LIRCM, the system will fire the laser to destroy the missile IR seeker.  If you don't have LIRCM, it will deploy IR flares to jam or spoof the missile's guidance.

    If you're going to maneuver to avoid the missile, there are multiple options.  If the missile is climbing and you're not too high up, diving down below and toward the missile is often effective.  The missile will be forced to turn downward and inward while it is still accelerating and will need to pull enormous g to do it.  Sometimes the missile breaks up.  If not, it may not be able to pull enough g to stay with you and will miss.  Sometimes the very high g maneuver will cause it to break lock, also resulting in a miss.

    And of course there's also the Martin Baker option.
  •  12-03-2004, 3:07 PM 2717 in reply to 2715

    Re: how to break from incoming missille

     KenV wrote:
    And of course there's also the Martin Baker option.

    Have to be careful with that option if there is a heat seeker in the air Big Smile
  •  08-18-2007, 3:34 PM 4639 in reply to 2717

    Re: how to break from incoming missille

    This is a way to break away from an air-to-air missile (heatseeker):

    First you have to find out where the missile is coming from (KenV had the right idea), if the missile is behind you, pull back your throttle to almost idle possition, break hard left/right and go down about 45 degrees while dropping flares and/or chaffs. When you reach the 45 degree downward possition stop using your flares but still bend down until you are heading strait down.
    Bank left\right again after a few seconds, put your throttel to full military power and pull up (towards the original direction you were coming from).

    When you push your throttle forward again, make sure you don't use your afterburners! That will probably make the missile lock onto you again.
    This has been said to work allot.

    I'm not familliar with the "Martin Baker", can some one please explain?


  •  08-19-2007, 7:13 AM 4644 in reply to 4639

    Re: how to break from incoming missille

    Martin Baker produces Ejection Seats :)
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