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Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association

Last post 06-22-2010, 11:07 PM by hex. 11 replies.
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  •  07-09-2005, 2:01 PM 2976

    Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association

    Hello, my name is Kenneth MacTiernan and I am the Director of a nonprofit organization called the Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association, AMTA. I am also a American Airlines Aircraft Maintenance Technician in San Diego, CA.

    Almost every school teaches about Orville & Wilbur Wright and their accomplishments. But no one knows about Charles E. Taylor; the Wright brother's mechanic. Charles E. Taylor, or "Charlie", built by hand the first engines for the Wright Flyer from a block of steel with nothing more than a lathe, drill press, and some simple hand tools. And he did this all in 6 weeks.

    Charlie worked in the Wright's bicycle shop and helped manufacture and assemble the parts for the Wright Flyer. If not for Charlie's contributions the Wright's and the United States would not have been the first in controlled powered flight.

    Over 100 years have passed since the Wrights made aviation history. But Charles E. Taylor has been little more than a foot note. Even today's AMTs are not thought of. The AMTA was created to change that. I created the AMTA to promote to the public the knowledge, skill & integrity that each and every Aircraft Maintenance Technician uses whenever they touch an aircraft.

    Our web site, www.amtausa.com, has information about today's AMTs as well as Charles E. Taylor. I hope you can check out the site. If there are any questions please feel free to contact me. Sincerely, Kenneth MacTiernan Director AMTA

  •  10-29-2005, 10:41 AM 3098 in reply to 2976

    Re: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association

    Greetings all! I have added photos of the skilled AMTs that maintain the San Diego County Sheriff "ASTREA" helicopters on our Faces Behind Safety page at www.amtausa.com. These men are some of the faces that remain behind the spot light and go unnoticed and unrecognized for their knowledge, skill & integrity. I hope you enjoy the pictures and web site. Sincerely, Ken MacTiernan Director AMTA
  •  06-04-2006, 8:23 PM 3386 in reply to 2976

    Re: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association

    Hi Kenneth, I am glad to know that we can still find Diehard mechanics/Aviation technitians like yourself who inspire all of us to keep serving this Industry, hungry for real Aircraft Mechanics who value their Profesion.

    My name is Sam Grandez, with 28 years of Experience as a Mechanic, Holding an A&P Certificate, with large experience on military and comercial aviation. currently based in Australia working for Boeing.

    Currently I am in the final stages of compiling /writing a Book about ourselves(The Mechanic) with 10 chapters such as.' In the Trenches'(real Experiences where we can highlite our important and critical/lifesaving role), 'The Quality' chapter,(its deterioration with the time, due to Money driving isuues and the consecuently exposure of the mechanic to this dangerous practice) Also there is a Chapter dedicated to the Early Mechanic Pioners like Charles Taylor. If I canm have your contribution on any thing relevant to expouse the importance of our profesion I will appreciate.

    Thankyou very Much

    Sam Grandez

    Boeing Aerospace

    A&P Mechanic


  •  09-16-2006, 1:39 AM 3590 in reply to 2976

    Re: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association

     Hai , I am Prasath,Aircraft Technician with Srilankan Airlines .



  •  11-01-2006, 6:16 PM 3664 in reply to 3590

    Re: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association

    Hi all, my name is Paul Tran and I am glad there is a place where mechanics share ideas and discuss problems.  I had 8 years  mechanic experience in F/A-18 ABCD,E&F fighter jets during my enlistment time with the US Navy.  Now, I am a customer service supervisor at Northwest Airline in Nebraska. 

    I am also taking night classes with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  One of the requirements for a Master of Aeronautical Science degree is the completion of a Graduate Research Project.  I have a survey on Aircraft Maintenance Safety (the link below) and it is the research instrument used to gather data for this project.  Responses are submitted electronically to a database that does not identify users, so your answers will be completely confidential.

    Please take a few moments to share all your opinions and experiences. Thank you for your time and help.



  •  07-20-2007, 6:24 AM 4549 in reply to 2976

    Re: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association

    hi how are you?

    my name is AZARIA SOLOMON and I am the president of Ethiopian aviation technicians assosiation.I have read your message and shared your feelings, hope you are defneftly right.I belive we can do something about it, all we need is courage and support from our coliuges. please keep intouch we have so many things to share in the future.

  •  01-05-2008, 2:59 PM 5038 in reply to 2976

    Re: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association

    Dear r. Kenneth  MacTiernan

    My name is Aziz and i was really glad to find out there is an association for AMTs, however I want to know if there are a web sites cars about us (technicians) such as training, working hours, environment of work places…etc..

    For instance I work for an airline which operate under FAR 121, I received the initial training 10 years ago, yet I never attended any recurrent training since then.

    The question is this legal, if no what can I do to correct this violation.

    Thanks a lot and good luck




  •  04-20-2008, 8:58 PM 5388 in reply to 2976

    Re: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association

    Hello Kenneth,


    My name is Mohan from India  I have 10 years of work experience as an aircraft technician in Indian Airforce. I  have worked on medium heavy tranport aircraft  AN32 turbo propeller engines. Performed aeroengine changes, components 300 hrs  900hr servicing, Propeller changes.

    Seeking a suitable role as aircraft technician on any aircraft any location.  Kindly guide and if you have any reference please let me know.


    Warm Regards,


  •  05-01-2008, 6:40 AM 5406 in reply to 5388

    Re: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association

    Dear Mohan,

    I am looking for a good AN-32 maintenance technician who speaks fluent english and Russian for a 2 year contract. Please contact me if you know someone who fills these requirements.

    Kevin Walls (kevin@apmlondon.com)

  •  07-15-2008, 1:59 AM 5618 in reply to 2976


    hello, i wan 2 ask about how 2 obtain de aircraft maintenance enginneer licence...such as easa or faa... n which one is the best...............
  •  01-17-2010, 3:16 AM 8855 in reply to 2976

    Re: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association

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  •  06-22-2010, 11:07 PM 9335 in reply to 3590

    Re: Aircraft Maintenance Technicians Association

    hi Mr prasath, im gehan.i dont now if u still use this site bt ill go ahead anyway.i am expecting to join srilankan airlines to follow an aircraft maintenance course.since u work there can u please tel me if the course there is worth it and is joining the industry at this time is safe? and can u please tel me do they offer a job after completing the course. thank you fr ur time :-)
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