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I used drugs on the job as an FAA air traffic controller and Congress won't let me testify.

Last post 02-17-2007, 10:52 AM by chickenlittle92071. 0 replies.
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  •  02-17-2007, 10:52 AM 4047

    I used drugs on the job as an FAA air traffic controller and Congress won't let me testify.

    I used drugs on the job as an FAA air traffic controller and Congress won't let me testify.

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My name is James Bergquist, former USAF and FAA air traffic controller. I was also head of our union, NATCA, for San Diego County. I represent other FAA whistle blowers including airline pilots, Boeing and DOD wiring experts, two FAA airline inspectors, a FAA security inspector, and a mechanic.

    I have never used any drugs on the job, but used to smoke pot after work while still signed in at the tower. In desperation, as I was technically using drugs "while on duty", I contacted members of the Senate Commerce Committee and the Aviation Subcommittee of Congress, telling them I used on the job and wanted to testify to them in open hearings.

    See the response I got from our leaders who are supposed to be looking out for the safety of the American people....

    Here you have a log of calls I made to John McCain, Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee...


    and calls I made to members of the Aviation Subcommittee....


    I have a tape of one on my co-workers telling me the drug dealer told her I used drugs in the tower with him. I never used at work but used to smoke at home after work. He admitted using in the tower, I can only assume he told her about this incident in an attempt to get me to shut up about the drug use. She later reported him for drinking on the job.

    I have been working local control and seen smoke out the window, leaned forward, and seen the drug dealer blowing smoke at the glass from the catwalk. He wasn't sucking on a Marlboro.

    I produced a statement from a roommate of mine who stated she went with me to the drug dealer's home and he proudly pointed out 50 pot plants to her. I counted over 100 plants. He had 55 gallon trash containers full of pot and used to sell it when he and I would go to the FAA towers around San Diego when I was head of the union, NATCA.

    I played that tape to Congressman Duncan Hunter personally and played it for the San Diego press. I sent copies to the aviation subcommittee and the Clinton and Bush administrations.

    This controller was in the US Navy air traffic control school, was busted for dealing drugs, was kicked out of the school, and given a job pushing a mop. He then got busted a second time for dealing.

    The FAA hired him with no ATC experience after President Reagan fired the PATCO controllers in 1981. That is how desperate the FAA was to fill the ranks. They fired thousands of alcoholics and hired thousands of drug users to replace them.

    I and all the rest of us used to leave the tower with one controller on duty. We were still signed on the log and collecting the taxpayer's money while the tower was dangerously undermanned. So I was using pot while I was still signed on the log at the tower. I admit it. Busted!

    Read my material, I talk about all of this at length in my open letter to President Bush and before to President Clinton. I personally handed my material to President Clinton while he was vacationing in San Diego. I have a tape of him saying, "I will be happy to take your material"

    Why don't I see anyone posting here that they contacted the members of the aviation subcommittee, Senator John McCain, Congressman Chandler from Lexington, Ky., or the press asking for hearings into my allegations.

    Let's get to the bottom of this, call all those Congressmen up and demand an investigation. That's their job.

    You can see this little heretic thrown in jail for lying to Congress if you don't believe what I'm saying.

    To quote Al Bundy...."Let's rock!"


    James A. Bergquist
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