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Do i have any chance?

Last post 04-16-2007, 3:22 PM by ChickFighterpilot. 4 replies.
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  •  01-18-2007, 11:32 PM 3949

    Do i have any chance?

    Hi, im currently a Junior and have always wanted to become a fighter pilot. Although i realy slacked off in my freshman year. Im currently picking all my grades up and getting back the credits. I cant say my GPA is very high and im not in any extra curricular activities but i plan on joining track. Is there any chance of becoming a fighter pilot?

  •  01-21-2007, 1:09 AM 3967 in reply to 3949

    Re: Do i have any chance?

    From what you say, your best chance (in the Air Force anyway) would be to go to college and join AFROTC.  If you do well and are medically qualified, you can earn a pilot slot.  From there, you need to do well in pilot training.

    I really don't know about the other services (Navy/Marines have fighters, Army only has helicopters).

  •  03-05-2007, 4:49 AM 4086 in reply to 3967

    Can i realy do it

    Hello, im from Newcastle in Australia and my hole life i have always wanted to be a pilot.Until i was in year 9 i decided to be a military pilot and im in advanced maths and english which means im in advanced everything now, but thats since i was in year ten which i am now. But last year i was in the second lowest classes at my old school which was a public one. Now im trying harder and have joined the gliders club at Raff base williamstown, i have joined airforce cadets and doing The duke of edinburghs award which is a state wide award system.I have partisipated in src,debating and all the sport carnivals and still people are telling me that it is very hard getting the pilots role in the airforce.Im wondering if i will get that role because i want it soo bad that everything i think of is about climbing the highest mountain to get to where i want which is being a military pilot.My mum says that im trying to hard and now im feeling that im going throw a tough time now becase im slacking of on school work, i have to find motivation to sit down and study because i keep on saying ill do it later, i realy want to be a pilot because i want to be in a perfessonal team and fly Australians best aircraft that it has to offer to me,and prove to poeple that just because you have to  be realy smart at something and you think you are not if, you try hard enough you can do it thats why i so badly want to be a military pilot so do u think i can realy do it if i try.

  •  03-05-2007, 6:42 PM 4095 in reply to 3949

    Re: Do i have any chance?

               follow your dreams and never second guess yourself...thats what i tell myself. I too want to be a fighter pilot. Dont forget about leadership activities and athletics. Track is really cool, cause being physicly fit is a requirment. But if you can Join the Civil Air Patrol as a cadet, its a lot of fun and u get a little bit of an idea what its like to be in the AF, it will help out in the long run.
  •  04-16-2007, 3:22 PM 4188 in reply to 3967

    Re: Do i have any chance?

     never give up!

  • Yes keep tryingBig SmileSurpriseWinkCoolParty!!!

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