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What do you recommend?

Last post 01-20-2008, 3:35 PM by lilgorgeouskid. 5 replies.
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  •  10-09-2007, 2:58 PM 4729

    What do you recommend?

    I am a Junior in high school and am planning on applying to the Air Force Academy at either the end of my Junior year or the start of my Senior year... here's what I have so far.

    Freshman and Sophomore GPA is around a 3.5-3.75 (I was homeschooled my Freshman year, so while I can't get an exact estimate, I made practically A's in all the classes)

    While I noticed that being an Eagle Scout is an excellent thing to have on your resume, I have never had the chance to be part of a Boy Scout club, so that works as a disadvantage.

    I am taking my second year of JROTC.
    I am currently in AP English Composition, and AP U.S. History.
    I am in Algebra 2 (regrettebly low)
    I'm in Physics (already taken Chemistry and Biology)
    Volunteer both inside of school and outside, primarily in JROTC and Church.
    Color Guard, Honor Guard, (last year) Rifle Team.
    I have also volunteered for open houses at school, and other events where I have been needed.
    If anyone knows what it is, I was in Raiders (part of JROTC)...
    Tennis (1 year), Rifle Team (1 year), Soccer (1 year)
    I plan on doing both wrestling and soccer this year.
    I also plan on taking the SAT's this winter and spring.
    And, so far, my GPA is about 3.8, but should be about a 4.0 by the end of the quarter.

    I'm not sure what else I may need to articulate on, but this is a basic recap...

    My senior year
    I plan on taking a final SAT
    3rd year of Soccer.
    2nd year of Wrestling.
    1st year of Track.
    AP Science (not sure which one)
    Another AP English course
    AP Government
    Pre Calculus
    I'll be working alongside my Senator and possibly Representative so that I can get some experience in working alongside my politicians. (I have already done this in the past, so I look forward to doing again)
    My senior year is still a ways off, so there may be more things I might add to the list, but this is what I have right now.

    I would really appreciate any input; comments on what I should improve; etc...
    I know you are unable to determine my chances (since it was quite clear on the other boards that that is decided by the admissions board only...)
  •  10-11-2007, 9:27 AM 4736 in reply to 4729

    Re: What do you recommend?

    I see participation in a lot of things, but what about leadership?

    Not being in scouts does not hurt, it just is one thing not adding to your resume.

    Your stats look ok, but lower level math will not help.  The AP classes look good.

  •  10-11-2007, 12:59 PM 4745 in reply to 4736

    Re: What do you recommend?

    I'm not exactly sure how my leadership can be viewed in JROTC...
    I made it to the highest rank for an LET 1 in my school (SGT)
    I take part in educating LET 1's on drill, working with them to improve their skills.

    I will admit, however, that I do need to bring my leadership skills up a bit more.
    Also, I appreciate your response.
  •  10-14-2007, 3:22 PM 4754 in reply to 4745

    Re: What do you recommend?

    If you can make team captain for a sport, that would look good.  Keep pursuing leadership in JROTC, that will show both some dedication and advance you leadership experience.
  •  11-02-2007, 4:00 AM 4820 in reply to 4754

    Re: What do you recommend?

    I have one more question...
    I will have been at a different school throughout my entire time in high school...
    This is my last year in JROTC, and I should be on a staff position soon...
    As far as sports go, I'm taking wrestling and soccer this year, along with those two and track next year...
    I'm looking into getting into NHS, and student government if that will work (me being at a different high school next year and all)
    Any specifics you could recommend?
    I keep my grades high, I'm studying for SAT's, I go to the gym (and I'll be doing wrestling this year and next, and track, which will all be good for getting in shape and building endurance for the academy)...


  •  01-20-2008, 3:35 PM 5110 in reply to 4820

    Re: What do you recommend?

    Whats JROTC?
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