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ANG Pilot Training

Last post 08-29-2010, 7:16 PM by raimius. 1 replies.
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  •  08-28-2010, 1:36 AM 9515

    ANG Pilot Training

    Hi! I'm currently a high school student about to enter my last year, and I'm considering joining the Air National Guard. Like most of you, pursuing aviation is my life's purpose and source of ultimate fulfillment in happiness. Sadly though unlike many of you, my grade's haven't been great in high school, and I don't consider myself academy material.

    So as an alternative, I've been learning a lot about the Air Guard, and it sounds really awesome! There's so many aviation related fields, even for enlisted men and women.

    I have a few basic questions maybe someone can answer:

    - How do you calculate pay earnings?

    - How does flight training work? Do they train you there, or at a training air wing? Is there a requirement for hours or civilian licenses? All of my research says you have a higher probability of getting a slot if you have more hours...but it doesn't specify anything more than that.

    - What do they look for in flying pilots? From my research, everything seems straight forward. My understanding is you 1) Take the AFOQT similar to the SAT, then a TBAS which is a mental stress test, then you're issued a number that predicts your flight training success rate, and you wait to see if you're selected for an interview. Is that right?
  •  08-29-2010, 7:16 PM 9519 in reply to 9515

    Re: ANG Pilot Training

    To be a pilot, you need to be an officer. To be an officer, you need a degree. So, first thing would be to get a college degree. Go talk to your local guard unit, as they could probably tell you the best information.
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