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Can I be a fighter pilot?

Last post 11-13-2010, 10:39 AM by Hook Down. 3 replies.
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  •  03-05-2010, 9:56 PM 8998

    Can I be a fighter pilot?

    Im 22 almost 23. I graduated high school but not with the best of grades. Ive been to 2 colleges but I never graduated from either. I didnt get good grades there either. I have a few minor misdemeanors on my record but nothing serious. I talked to the Air force before but they said I couldnt join because I took anti-depressants. This was my freshman year and I only took them for a few months.

    If its possible for me to join, what would I need to do to make my dream come true? This is something I really want and will work hard for. I have read how to become a pilot on here and other sources but I need to know if anything would prevent me from achieving this.

  •  04-18-2010, 1:42 AM 9139 in reply to 8998

    Re: Can I be a fighter pilot?

    1. Graduate college

    2. Get a commission through AFROTC or AF OTS

    3. Get a pilot slot out of those.

  •  10-30-2010, 2:19 PM 9746 in reply to 9139

    Re: Can I be a fighter pilot?

    Another option everyone forgets is the Air National Guard or AF Reserves.  If one ANG unit won't hire you, you can still apply to every other one that interests you.  Keep applying and you'll always have a chance. 

    One more thing to remember is that almost everything is waiverable.  This is very true.  If an ANG or AFRC unit selects you, they will do everything they can to help you get through the hiring process.  Sometimes they can help you out with waivers too.  I've seen waivers for about everything you can think of. 



  •  11-13-2010, 10:39 AM 9789 in reply to 9746

    Re: Can I be a fighter pilot?

    My *guess* (and I'm not part of the medical community), is that once sufficient time has elapsed since your last use of anti-depressants, you will be eligible for a waiver. I've heard of it happening, though I'm not familiar with the details. Best advice I can offer is to be persistent, and not to take "no" for an answer before talking to the proper folks.....in your case this would probably be the medical folks who make decisions about this kind of thing. Not sure if this would be disqualifying for general application to a commissioning program, but you should look into it.
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