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Re: Would I still qualify for flying an F-22?

  •  02-20-2012, 6:45 PM

    Re: Would I still qualify for flying an F-22?

    First, you'll need to complete a commissioning program, as only officers are pilots in the AF. For active duty, the options are the Air Force Academy, AFROTC at a civilian college, or AFOTS after you graduate college.

    Next, you will need to get a pilot slot out of your commissioning program.

    Of course you will need to pass a Class I flight physical. Your eyesight may be an issue, but I'm not a flight doc, so I don't know exactly where and when waivers are given these days. I did get a waiver for roughly -2.25 distant vision.

    After getting a pilot slot, you'll need to be near the top of your class in UPT. This is no easy task. You'll need to track into T-38s, and do well there.

    Finally, you'll need there to be an available F-22 slot for your class. There are usually a couple F-22 slots per year, with about a dozen classes at four bases each.

    Alternatively, you could go guard or reserve, which would virtually guarantee the F-22 slot if you get into that unit and pass UPT. That's not exactly easy either.
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