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Re: Dry lease 2 A/C Airbus A320 for 6-8 years

  •  01-16-2013, 10:52 AM

    Re: Dry lease 2 A/C Airbus A320 for 6-8 years


    This is Gary Gabrielson with Classic Ship and Aircraft in California.  We have the two A320-214s available for long-term dry lease, which of course come with CFM56 power.  If you are mandated by the airline or work for the airline directly in acquisitions, please continue on contacting us.  The airline must not be a start-up, and must have at lease three years of proveable profit to qualify.  Also, you must be able to quarantee 250+ hours per plane per month to qualify.  We will also need the airline identified, and the base and routes spelled out to proceed. We cannot deal with UN/US sanctioned countries or war-torn countries on dry lease basis.

    We have been watching and posting on this bulletin board for some years now, and have never seen your name "vietjetair" here, or on the Web anywhere else.  When you email us, please describe your company or airline in full, with full contact details.  Also be prepared to fill out the required paperwork prior to receiving a quote. It is against our policy to send quotes haphazardly without the necessary information and commitment on the lessee's part.

    Talk to you soon,

    Gary Gabrielson

    Classic Ship and Aircraft

    4370 North Canyon Road

    Camino, CA  95709  USA

    Email:  classicshipnaircraft@yahoo.com

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