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Looking for exec position in aviation start-up...

  •  03-20-2013, 9:00 AM

    Looking for exec position in aviation start-up...


    Seeking active involvement at executive and/or management level in a start-up or operational airline.

    Will also consider active involvement at executive and/or management level in an airport, FBO or other aviation setting.

    Available for Director, Non-Executive Director and Consultant opportunities.

    Fully engaged in today's "What's in it for you?", "Can we do this more efficiently and cost-effectively?", and "Can we make this (inexpensively) better?" paradigms.

    Able to research and deliver data-based and graohics-based options and possibilities.

    Wide range of knowledge anbd experience a valuable asset in brainstorming and what-if questions for future planning.

    Please note:
    I am _NOT_ a US citizen. I am therefore seeking an international involvement that is not based in the USA.

    Current offerings

    - Former airline pilot, 13,000+ hours international experience
    - Management training and experience
    - Experience in start-up LCC airline and start-up AMO/FBO
    - Able to innovate (and detail) new and creative workable concepts and ideas around a theme
    - Mature, realistic, knowledgeable no-nonsense approach
    - Open to new ideas, brainstorming, innovating, and the fact that very different people bring very different points of view to the table - which can frequently be of real benefit.

    Past experience

    - 20+ years airline pilot
    - 2 years air traffic controller
    - 8 years elected Association Secretary
    - 3 years on Flying Club Executive
    - 20+ years experience as Charter & Airline Transport Pilot, including ferry flights
    - Trained in CRM - Crew Resource Management
    - Experience as Air Traffic Controller
    - Diploma: Programming and Systems Analysis
    - Part time webmaster (own 3 domains)
    - Excellent command of English language.
    - Initial course in Safety Management Systems (SMS)
    - Also performed some documentation - Editing, Proofreading, Indexing of Manuals and Documents (probably best with an Airline/Airport Operations function).
    - Created and maintain Regional Aviation Discussion Forum


    Aviation - Commercial Aviation - Airlines - Transportation - Civil Aviation - Teamwork - Team Leadership - Microsoft Office - Supervisory Skills - Business Development - New Business Development - Editing - Aviation Operations - Event Management - Commercial Pilot - Architectural Drafting - Computer Graphics - Computer Science - Computer Literate - Computer Maintenance - Web Design - Web Development - Website Development - Copy Editing - Image Editing - Web Editing - webmaster - Proofreading - Staff Supervision - Technical Writing - Problem Solving - Social Networking - English - Social Media - Team Management - SEO - Writing - Airline Business - Airline Startup - FBO - AMO Startup

    Contact Jim :: d22946832@gmail.com
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