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urgently seeking a 168Y class 737-400 for ACMI

  •  05-04-2013, 10:27 AM

    urgently seeking a 168Y class 737-400 for ACMI

    Aircraft will be based in North America, and operating into South and Central America, aircraft needs to be in 168Y class seats and have curtain for the first 6 seats.


    CYCLES, 1.5/1

    12 months contract and must be available for immediate delivery,

    Preference is for Airline with FAR 129 or Central American approval for Bahamas and Cuba.

    Please forward full contract and price and specs, CoA and CoR and Insurance certificate and photos contract can be signed URGENTLY.

    Send all the above to georgewhite69@hotmail.co.uk

    George White
    Independent Airline Consultant
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