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Re: Why fly.

  •  10-14-2013, 1:41 PM

    Re: Why fly.

    Hey Monks700 - it's been over 4 years ago since you posted this question... you are now well past 16 - did you do it? I hope you did, and if you are still around and get notifications about this response, I'd love to hear about your decisions as to why you did or did not pursue flight training.

    I and several compatriots posted about why *we* fly in our first "Blogging in Formation" posts as a group. My contribution is here: http://smartflighttraining.com/why-i-fly, and I recently posted some completely non-aviation reasons that a person might become a pilot.

    I hope you did choose to get your pilots license, and I hope the links I provided help you and others make that choice easier in the future...

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