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Re: Worst Flight Experience?

  •  11-08-2013, 1:24 PM

    Re: Worst Flight Experience?

    I was working for Northwest Airlines, on a flight from Memphis to Detroit, in stormy weather. We were holding, and the woman next to me was obviously not comfortable in the air, as she was fingering her rosary the entire flight!

    Anyway - holding in DTW's airspace, the 767 was in turbulence that was causing the plane to bank 60-degrees in both directions, and the woman next to me was getting more and more nervous. I tapped her on the shoulder, and pointed across the aisle and back one row to a deadheading pilot who was sleeping through the whole episode.

    I told her that as soon as HE woke up and was worried, then *I* would be worried. until then, have no fear.
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