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Wanted Pilots, Crew, Ground Crew and maintenance URGENTLY

  •  05-23-2017, 3:43 AM

    Wanted Pilots, Crew, Ground Crew and maintenance URGENTLY

    Dear Sirs,

    We are currently taking resumes for all positions in a new Cargo operation, Will be stationed out of the middle east area. Upon receiving a brief resume posted below here. i will PM you a email to send your full resume and contact details where then you will be sent a employment brief and contract for your decision to be made.

    Flight crew for the following;

    Lockheed C-130 H
    antonov 12
    ilyushin 76
    bell 202 "huey helicopter
    Mil Mi-8 helicopter

    Various other aircraft.

    Contact me as soon as you can as these positions will come available within the next 2 weeks .

    Also you could reach me on +628161386583 and also on whatsapp with the number .

    best regards
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