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Re: Worst Flight Experience?

  •  07-01-2017, 3:32 AM

    Re: Worst Flight Experience?

    Well, I am currently undergoing it as I write this, so don't know how bad its gonna turn out. Ok, let's start:

    * Flight from Pune to Delhi, AI 850, supposed to leave from Pune at 18:40.
    * On the same day morning, they had a flight caught up with some problem (Destined to delhi itself), so they decide to use the flight purposed for AI 850 to fly the delayed passengers, they start informing the AI850 passengers starting at 17:00 hrs about the delay, new ETD is 21:00 hrs.(When most people were either already there at airpot or have already left their home)
    * Passengers are now waiting for boarding announcement after Security Check. It was 20:45hrs, no announcement. It was 21:00hrs, still no announcement. Some passengers get agitated and start contacting airline staff, at around 21:15 they announce it is further delayed (yes, as if no one got to know!). New ETD is 22:00hrs.
    * You guessed right, it was 22:00hrs and no announcement yet, at around 22:05, they announce flight infinetley delayed due to some engineering problem.
    * They announce saying people who want to board GoAir flight at 22:50 can get complete refund and a discounted ticket from GoAir at 6k INR. Now its all chaos.
    * They annonunce they are ready to provide cancellation certificate to govt. employees.
    * Oh btw, they are not refunding in Cash, it will be credited in your account. You need to get 6k from somewhere to book ticket from GoAir. Great!
    * People start screaming at them, ask for new flight, food etc. Already few people are in a fix.

    (Ok, flight announced, need to go)
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