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Small Satellite Conference 2017

  •  07-03-2017, 1:17 AM

    Small Satellite Conference 2017

    Visit Mirabilis Design Inc in Booth 44T at the 31th Annual SmallSat Conference (smallsat.org) in Logan during August 05-10, 2017. Mirabilis Design provides model-based system architecture exploration solutions to select the right implementations for designs built using SysML/UML/MatLab.

    At the booth, we will be demonstrating the system architecture exploration of small satellites, launch vehicles, ground stations and constellation. We will show examples that cover full systems (such as CubeSat), sub-systems (such as Multimedia, TTC and Navigation Systems), and FPGA-based designs. These models will cover the design of energy harvesters, batteries, hardware, software and network constellations that combine multiple satellites, ground stations, aircrafts and moving vehicles. The selection of the target implementation will be based on meeting timing deadlines and power limits, and achieving quality of service.

    If you would like a private session, send email to info@mirabilisdesign.com.
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