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Aviation Parts for Sale

  •  03-22-2018, 2:33 PM

    Aviation Parts for Sale

    Closed my AC Engine shop
    Everything to be sold as one lot
    (a few possible exceptions)
    Most all packaged and ready to ship.
    All parts brand new unless noted
    Lamps(3) 34-9921758-00 Cowl flap hinge mod (1)
    Bearing (1)NTA10TB Clamp(3) 10-30-6c
    Clamp(2) C10X-30-C Bushing(6) 914020-001
    Resistor(1) 13F141
    Lycoming tool for serv. bulletin 388C (1) used
    Insulator tester Martel C360 (1) used,
    Seat Grinders: Port. Electric: pn1710 (angle head), pn1895 (adj head)

    Air filter(1) CPE1173 Throttle shaft(1) CF13—1519
    Bushings(4) SA530192 Fuel pump(1) AC5593478
    Fuel pump(1)AC41234 Valve guide(1) SL61681A P10)
    Valve guide(1) 61681A P20 Valve guide(3) SL61681
    Valve guide(1) SA64367 P5 Valve guide(1) SA10205
    Valve seat(1) SL71895 P20 Valve seat(1) SL72057 P10
    Valve seat(1) SL71894 P30 Valve seat(1) SL72057 P20
    Valve(1) SL73938 Valve(1) 17541L
    Valve seal(3) 60337 Gascolator gaskets(11)
    Bushing(1) 45-825031 Pin bushing(5) 65819
    Pin bushing(4) AL66610 Bushing(2) 60-260
    Pins(4) SL14078 Roller(2) 76789N
    Roller(2) 75708 Shaft bushing(4) AL6666
    Shaft bushing(3) AL666 P10 Cover(3) 72710
    Retainers(8) SL71907A Retainers(3) 65007
    V.Keeper(12) AEL60009 Rod Nuts(4) 21045L6
    Plugs(2) 72198 Plugs(4) 60311
    Spring(1) LW18085 Spring(2) SL11798
    Scraper(2) 40-63-11 Rotocoil(6) SA629117-1
    Pin retainer(4) 60828 Oil Pump Hsng.(1) 78531
    Eng.Brgs.SA633398M10 Eng.Brgs.(4) LW16143
    Mag spacer(1) M2638-4 Mag spacer(2) M3413 w/bpolts
    Gasket(5) BA-308-3S Gasket(2) SA534743
    Fuel Send.(1) 7741-00506 Start.Gear(1) SL60882

    Nut(3) 530412 Spring(1) 536552
    Tach Gskt.(1)632085 Plunger(1) 642336
    6 cyl. industrial air cooled engine, (no accessories, intake, or exhaust), on pallet.

    2 turbo Intercoolers #635921
    Caliper(1) 40-64 Seals(9) 7512
    Press.Sw.(1) 5100-333-079-01 Kit (1) 760-742
    M.Cyl.(1) 50-33-041 Brake pads(2) C182
    Brake pads(12) 32439405006A Clevis(2) 460-810
    Coupler(4) 2822-0103003 Isolator(1) Cessna C4H608C2
    Seat roller kit(1) 1551-1
    IO-360-A LW12987 chrome, New Ex. Guide, Seats cut, Honed, Painted
    TIO-360 LW12988 Long reach plugs, Steel, minor bore pits
    IO-470-K (ok),+.010
    OHC TCM 28V alternator #649304
    OHC Kelly Aerospace Combustion Htr. Blower motor #89D25-3

    All items at Nashua, NH 03063
    Make an offer and take it all away…………………………….
    Call 603-581-8450
    Contact name: Patrick
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