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Re: AVITOP.COM aviation banner exchange

  •  10-15-2002, 1:06 AM

    Re: AVITOP.COM aviation banner exchange

    Hmm...I feel like a beginner....so treat me like that.
    When I login to my account stats, it only has a link "Join Banner Exchange" and when I click that, well, like the name says, I can join the banner exchange. But I don't see any link that lets me check my stats.

    So could you please describe again (a little more detailed for us slow thinkers) how to access my banner exchange stats.

    Referring to milavia's post I totally agree...it's good to have an aviation banner exchange on this server since others like ASR are obviously to busy with opening pop-ups to all their other pages instead of being a good aviation website.

    How many members are there currently in the AVITOP banner exchange? Do you have a public members list? I'd really like to know where our banners are shown.

    Go ahead,
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