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Re: Re:What's better the Viper or Hornet?

  •  03-18-2004, 3:18 AM

    Re: Re:What's better the Viper or Hornet?

    The Rhino(as the SH is getting called) is a completely different aircraft from the original Hornet. It has more powerful engines, a better radar, more payload capacity, more bombs per plane than the Tomcat, the latest in countermeasures technology, and a completely revolutionary flight profile ability which you can't tell just by looking.
    One feature it has is that there's NO AoA limit on the plane. It also has completely carefree handling.

    The Viper is a generation behind, it isn't really capable of dealing with the Super Hornet when everything is stacked up.
    With the ORIGINAL Hornet, the issue gets redfined based on whether or not range is considered as a limitation.
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