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Re: Air Force Acedemy

  •  03-18-2004, 3:35 AM

    Re: Air Force Acedemy

    Has anybody considered making a sticky thread on: "future fighter pilots?"
    Seems really common.

    Anyway, first is some general advice for flying for any service, and possibly any nation:
    1)Be an overachieving tool. Always go the extra mile.
    2)Don't wait for a recruiter to come to you. In the US, aviators aren't recruited, YOU have to take the first step.
    3)ROTC/USNA/USAFA is the way to go to fly.

    Now you have the other issues like education:
    Do you want to be an engineering major in college? Think REALLY hard about this issue, I strongly recommend you don't take this decision lightly. Imagine almost NOTHING but math and science for about four years of your life. Almost no partying. If not, you at LEAST have to be a math/science major which is almost as bad.
    If that's fine with you, the Air Force is fine for you.
    If you think being an engineer would absolutely suck and still want to be a fighter pilot, join the Navy. They don't care what major you are as long as you ace the ASTB in college(a standardized navy exam), which, one of the things it does is determine if you have enough mechanical aptitude to be a pilot.

    Another issue is quality of life:
    Service academies like the USNA/USAFA are great at preparing you for the military.
    ROTC on the other hand, will give you all the same training without the extra regimentation.
    For example, in a service academy, you don't have the option of skipping a lecture b/c your professor is an idiot and you could learn better on your own. You also HAVE to study during mandated study hours. You also HAVE to sleep at certain times, wake up at certain times, etc. In ROTC, everything is up to you.

    Think hard about this kind of stuff, or you'll regret it later.
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