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Re: Re:Fancy coloured Drakens

  •  02-17-2005, 1:25 PM

    Surprise [:O] Re: Re:Fancy coloured Drakens

    My mistake I wrote red bow, but meant red bowe, so we are talking about the present-alike Draken.

    I haven't figured out the story about the Dragon so I will investigate a little further.


    But now(!) I have done the research by myself!
    A new colleague shows to be very aero-interested and is in fact engaged at the veteran-plane collection of Stauning airfield, and naturally we have found eachother in talking planes and stuff.
    Today the talk somehow turned into the Drakens of FSN Karup and thereby the "Grif"-decorated one. The story is as follows:

    A group of persons from the ESK got permitted to decorate a Draken in the occasion of the ESK's oncoming closure.
    Without any specific's in the permission, some surely expected only the rudder to be decorated, but among the group there was a little dissapointment over the size that a planned griffin (as i now see teh correct english word is) showed to end up with on the rudder-surface. And after some discussions, the group in between, about there was any specific ban against a full-decoration, under wich one of the heavy arguments was that the permission was covering the plane that was nearest to the limit of main service, so the paintjob would'nt survive for long anyhow.
    The decission was taken and someone was sent after (more) red and yellow paint.
    The plane was jacked up and the wheels pulled in with closed covers and the full monty was in progress. The painting of the griffin on the underside is told to have been more painfull than expected, but using the whole night, the job was done in the morning when an innocent tecnician locked himself in and turned on the light!!!

    The decoration was an instant hit among the pilots of the ESK, and the remaining flighttime until service-schedule had to be equally splitted between them all to ensure even joy. However the story tells that caused by unscheduled flight, the time ran out before the last two pilots had their flight - Sorry on their behaviour!!

    A little sidestory is that the happening lived for much longer time than the paint on the plane:
    During the deliverance of the extra paint, it happened that a bucket of red paint tilted and leaked in the car, wich was to notice in the enterior of the car for a long time after :-)



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