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Air Force Academy Admissions

  •  02-22-2005, 11:08 AM

    Air Force Academy Admissions

       I'm a freshman in high school and I wanted to know what my chances were of being able to gain admissions to USAFA.  I want to be a fighter pilot and then eventually an astronaut.  My most recent average was 97.25 or 3.89.  My highest average this year is a 98.75 or 3.95.  I just joined Civil Air Patrol and I'm hoping to advance in that and gain some awards from it.  In the next couple of years I hope to be able to get my pilot's license or at least get close to it.  I play 3 sports a year golf, basketball, and baseball.  I'm on the varsity team for golf and on the JV team for baseball.  I don't play basketball for the school but I do referee youth games.  One of the problems is that I am nearsighted.  I think its like 20/400 in my right eye and 20/200 in my left.  My diopters are 2 in my left and 2.75 in my right.  I've read and heard about the Air Force performing PRK for candidates, but what are the chances of getting that waiver? 

    Thanks for your help,

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