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Junior in High School, Need Some Information

  •  03-03-2006, 3:00 AM

    Junior in High School, Need Some Information


    I'm a 16 year-old Junior in High School, and I too am looking for a career as a fighter pilot. I was hoping to get a bit of information that is specific towards my own situation. During my Freshmen year, I was quite immature and ignorant about the big picture and I slacked. Received some bad grades, and ended up with a 1.5 cumulative GPA by the end of that year. Sophomore year I picked up quite a bit and got a 2.7 GPA which brought me up to 1.8 cumulative. First semester of this year, I really started hitting the books and received a 3.2 GPA which only brought me up to 2.0 cumulative.
         I looked into the Air Force/Naval Academy but I am far below their standard and meet few eligibility requirements. In the last few days, after basically breathing information from forums like this one about the steps to becoming a fighter pilot, I have decided OCS would probably be my best bet. I am in a program called Running Start where I go to High School two classes a day and Community College two classes day thus receiving college credit and a ton of extra High School credits. Upon graduating high school, I will have to complete one more quarter at the community college then I will be transferring to a four year as a Junior (at age 18).
        I'm not sure what I should get a BA in if I want to go to OCS and then attempt to become a fighter pilot. Who would be the appropriate person to talk to in this situation? I still have not decided on a branch but I am leaning towards Navy. My father was a Major in the Air Force before retiring in 1998, would this give me an edge at all in the whole process? If you can counsel me on this please do as I really need to get some information. Thanks for reading.

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