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Re: Junior in High School, Need Some Information

  •  03-17-2006, 11:04 PM

    Re: Junior in High School, Need Some Information

    Im kinda in the same about except kinda less extreme.  In my freshman year I had something over a 3.5 weighted GPA.  Now, Im in no easy class.  Im not ranked all that high at all, especially this year.  I heard the AFA really looks for a good foundation in algebra.  Well, right now in Alg 2 I have a low C.  About a 3.4 weighted gpa right now. Ive never really looked into that enlisted to commission thing.  I've always wanted to enlist as a marine and also become a pilot after that.  Would it be possible to enlist as a marine and become a commissioned officer and eventually a marine FA-18 pilot?

    Im gonna shoot for the AF academy too, no matter what.
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