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  •  01-20-2007, 7:01 PM

    Re: NAVY V. USAF

    It all depends on your definition of "best".

    Navy pilots have to land on and routinely operate from an aircraft carrier.  Tough stuff.  But some USAF pilots have to operate 8 engine aircraft (B-52) and other "heavy iron", or operate routinely above 50,000 ft (U-2 and some others) wearing a full pressure suit.  USAF also operates stealth aircraft which have their own set of challenges.  On the other hand Army pilots routinely do nap-of-the-earth flying, routinely make dust and pinnacle landings, and operate in some very very austere locations.  Marine pilots do a mix of Navy flying and Army flying. 

    Astronauts are about evenly divided between Naval Aviators (which includes Marines) and USAF aviators.  Only a very few Army aviators have become astronauts.  But is being an astronaut "flying" in any traditional sense?

    So it all depends on your definition.

    But being a Navy pilot myself, if I had to vote, you know what my vote would be.  ;-)


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