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Re: Does the military discrimanate against color???

  •  01-20-2007, 7:29 PM

    Re: Does the military discrimanate against color???

    The military discriminate against blacks?  Ever heard of Collin Powell?  He's a black man that made it to the very top in the military.  The very top.  And he started his military career way back when blacks had all sorts of problems in the non-military professional world. 

    There are many many very high ranking African American officers in all the services and very many high ranking non-comm soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen. 

    And there are very many African American pilots in all the services and even in the astronaut corps.  If you've got the smarts (need a college degree to be a pilot), the ambition, and the physical abilities, your race, ethnicity, and even your gender (women can now be combat pilots) don't matter at all.  Not at all.

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