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Re: Am I too short? :(

  •  01-20-2007, 7:54 PM

    Re: Am I too short? :(

    I'm a 5ft 2 in pilot in the US Navy right now.  I'm a Hornet driver.  No problem.  I'm good for all Navy fixed wing aircraft and most rotary wing.  I'm disqualified for the H-53, all models, but especially the E model, due to my leg reach limitations.

    All USAF and USN aircarft designed after about 1990 must be able to accomodate a 40th percentile female (about 5ft 2 in) up to a 95th percentile male (about 6ft 5 in).  That includes all cockpit controls and ejection seats. 

    The earlier jets had greater limits on the ejection seats.  The A-4 hade an Escapac seat (forerunner to the ACES II seat) that could not safely handle short, light individuals.  And tall folks in the A-4 cockpit could get a good ejection, but there was a chance they'd leave all body parts below about the knee behind inside the aircaft after they ejected.  Not good.  But modern cockpits are much better that way now, and the modern ACES series and Martin Baker series of seats can handle both smaller and larger individuals than the old seats.  I heard the Russian seats are even better.  Can't speak for European seats other than the British Martin Baker seats, which are super.

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