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Re: good and cheap usb interface for sims.

  •  02-07-2007, 10:31 PM

    Re: good and cheap usb interface for sims.

    has anyone tried this? i don't know about any of the other 'compatible' sims. but, i have G3 and it is has hardware antipiracy built into the transmitter that ships with the sim. you can't just buy a USB adapter and have it work, unless there is the same G3 chip inside this unit.

    aside from the obvious piracy issues i won't get into, i find it difficult to believe it will even work. and, because knife edge (G3) is aware of these black market devices, new updates to the software (expansion packs and the G3.5 free upgrade) will surely be aware of these 'black serial numbers' in the USB devices, ultimately rendering the unit usesless.

    i'd like to hear some feedback on this USB unit. but, beware if you think it might actually work.
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