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Becoming an Airforce Pilot

  •  05-16-2007, 11:34 AM

    Becoming an Airforce Pilot


    I'm new to the forum. I have some questions regarding te Air Force.

    First off, I live in the UK - I'm a dual US/UK citizen and have lived in the UK since the age of six. I am now fifteen. I don't see myself joining the RAF, it has always been the USAF for me.

    I am wondering what steps I should take to becoming a USAF pilot as I am in the UK. Can it be done from here or will I have to go to America?

    I know most of the requirements (High fitness level, good eyesight, good grades etc) - I play basketball to a very high level here: I don't know if that will help. I have wanted this career since I can remember - I used to see all the F-15's/F-16's fly past my house in America, and I still do. I live near an American run base called RAF Fairford.

    If anyone can help me and suggest some steps I should take to accomplish this dream I will be most greatful. And I am open to moving to the USA again for this, wether it be for ROTC or one of the Air Force Academies.


    I look forward to a response.

    Michael Farage

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