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Are There Any Risks?(PRK and LASIK)

  •  02-19-2008, 10:58 AM

    Are There Any Risks?(PRK and LASIK)

    There are potential risks in any procedure and LASIK is no exception. The most common potential problems that can occur during laser vision correction are under-correction, over-correction and wrinkling. Under-correction and over-correction simply mean that while the procedure may have improved your vision, it may not have completely corrected it. Wrinkling is slightly more serious. It means that the corneal flap might have been moved which causes wrinkles that can possibly lead to the permanent appearance of blurry spots.

    Some more serious side effects include, increased light sensitivity, halos around eyes, blurred vision and double vision. All of these symptoms should lessen and disappear after the first few weeks following the LASIK surgery. There is also a chance of corneal damage and/or scarring which can lead to partial or full vision loss. These side effects rarely occur, and ophthalmologists will always make sure that candidates are ideal for the LASIK procedure.


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