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Re: Wanted Boeing 737-200QC / F - 300QC / F

  •  05-06-2008, 2:42 AM

    Re: Wanted Boeing 737-200QC / F - 300QC / F


        We are a Brazilian, company interesting in those Aircrafts, if you got any at your fleet, please send us the "full" specs, asked price, delivery time, country, and other information you may thinlk will be helpfull.

        Thank you.

        Christian Pegoraro.
        EPTA Transporte Aéreo.
    We have a 2001 Boeing 737-800 at a price of USDOLLARS 39,500,000 and a brand new Airbus A320-200 available Q4,2008.

    Please emails us back for additional information at : david@radardanminar.com

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