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CFM56-2/3, Parts Combustor Assembly For SALE

  •  08-13-2008, 9:08 PM

    CFM56-2/3, Parts Combustor Assembly For SALE

    1316M93 1316M94 1319M94 1359M28 1359M29 1493M63 1666M43 1755M25 1755M49 1873M37 1873M87 1873M88 1968M69 2002M75 2002M76 9559M48 9978M53


    Frank Rivera
    Channel For Procure Management B.V.
    Weteringweg 2 B, 2641 KM
    Pijnacker, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands,
    Phone:   561-935-3285 U.S.
    Fax:     206-666-5165 U.S.
    Email:   service@channelfor.com
    Website: www.channelfor.com
    Skype:   ChannelforUSA

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