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Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

  •  11-11-2009, 3:22 PM

    Re: Fighter Pilot Power Pack

    Don't waster your money. I was in the navy for 6 years, during my time I worked on EA-6B jet aircraft. To be more specific i was attached to VAQ-136 in atsugi Japan part of Carrier air wing 5.

    90% of all military aviators, that inludes both pilots and non-pilot officers attend a military acadamey. i will explain.

    Every year each branch of the military has an alloted number of openings, for enlisted and officers. they are called billets.

    For officers it is much different than enlisted since their are less applicants and less jobs. Every year each branch looks at how many openings are open. they then take those openings to the relvant service acadamey. after that it works like this, there are roughly 1000 graduates from the navy acadamey per year for instance, lets say there are 3000 available officer positions this includes navy and marine corps.

    After graduation all the available jobs are posted on a large board and each graduate gets to pick the job they like. They pick in their graduation order therefore the validictorian gets to their pick of all the jobs. the next person in order has to pick from 2999 and so on. the guy who finished last gets their pick out of the remaining 2001 jobs.

    Now some of the jobs that the grads pick they will not qualify for like someone picks pilot but they are color blind. therefore if that pick was by number 200 then all the people who picked a job after them have the option to switch for that job or keep the job description the picked originally.

    Now for the remaining 2000 jobs. they go to all the people in ROTC programs, after that candidates are accepted into OCS programs for the remaining allotment of jobs.

    OCS candidates can go in year round because after the initial round of openings people do retire or leave the service which creates openings that need to be filled, however it is the tradition of everybranch to hold aircrew jobs for first choice to the academies.

    it is virtually impossible to get an aircrew job without attending an acadamey and if you want to be a pilot you better study your but off and finish in the top 25-30% of your class.

    in my command of 50 officers all the pilots were graduates of the naval acadamy and all but 10 were from the academy. 2 of the 10 were aircrew, all were prior enlisted. Of the 2 one went to Texas A&M after his service and was ROTC while there graduated high in his class and used connections he made while he was enlisted to get into and aircrew job.

    Now if you have connections you can get around this. for example John S. Mccain did very poorly at the naval academy however when both your father and grandfather are navy admirals then I am sure you get some strings pulled for you. Or if your dad is in public office like George Bush did for G. W. bush.

    Hope this helps
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