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Re: Dream of flying

  •  12-30-2010, 6:51 AM

    Re: Dream of flying

    Well, you will need to be off adderall for at least a year. That is true. Don't try to hide it, as lying about medical records will get you kicked out of the military. The military doesn't look kindly on people without integrity.

    Talk to your college's AFROTC officers. They should be able to fill you in about the process for applying. You'll likely have to do a two year program.

    Air Force UPT begins the same for every student. Whether a student tracks to fighters or helos will only be determined several months into training. You will be able to request what you want, but nothing is guaranteed.

    Your vision may not hinder you. If it can be corrected to 20/20 with contacts/glasses, you probably have good enough vision to pass a flight physical (I believe the cut-off is 20/70 correctable to 20/20.)
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