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Re:SAM avoidence tactics for Falcon-4.0 NT

Last post 02-09-2000, 4:39 PM by anonymous2. 0 replies.
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  •  02-09-2000, 4:39 PM 1055

    Re:SAM avoidence tactics for Falcon-4.0 NT

    *** Posted by Brix ***
    [Anybody have any Sam avoidence tactics for Falcon 4?



    Yes, this is my procedure. It starts when you hear the tone on your RWR, then you also know what direction the treat is, when you see the launch, turn on your jammer, get the missile on 3 or 9, when the missile is at a certain range (cannot say, get the feel) break turn into the missile at 120* bank (if your are not to close to the ground) at the same time you should deploy chaffs.

    Works for me.
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