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Military Academy Tournament for game by Dale Brown (Retired US Air Force Officer)

Last post 11-26-2012, 12:57 AM by swamps13. 2 replies.
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  •  02-24-2005, 7:07 PM 2812

    Military Academy Tournament for game by Dale Brown (Retired US Air Force Officer)


    I'm the official rep for the Military Academy Tournament between ALL of the Divisions for the upcoming computer game "Act of War." We wanted to create a fun exclusive tournament for Military personnel only and this is it. If you know someone who might be interested please send this to them.

    This is the game that was created by Retired US Air Force officer and novelist Dale Brown, and is getting rave reviews as one of the most amazing and groundbreaking military games ever made.

    The graphics are incredible, the game play is outstanding, and best of all, the game uses real military strategies. The interaction between your ground troops and air forces is key, but the best gamers are the ones who can adapt to whatever situation they face just like reality. There are real weapons used in the game and even future technologies that are still being developed! There is also over an hour of REAL 35mm film that is integrated into the game. If you haven't heard of Act of War before you can check out the beautiful screenshots, read about all of the features and reviews, and even download and PLAY THE FREE DEMO here:


    After checking that out, or if you've already seen the game, you'll surely be interested in signing up for our FREE Tournament. We want to create a huge tourney between all of the military divisions, which should create a lot of fun for all, and major bragging rights for some, but we can't do this without your help. If you are interested in this free tournament for Act of War, and you are in the military, you need to sign the petition in order to make it happen:

    http://www.atari.com/actofwar/us/mapetition/ <- Military Academy

    We need a lot of sign-ups in order to start the tournament so please tell your friends in the military about this and feel free to post any questions that you may have about the game. Thanks.
  •  03-01-2005, 8:11 PM 2819 in reply to 2812

    Re: Military Academy Tournament for game by Dale Brown (Retired US Air Force Officer)

    Here is a cool link I just found:


    It has free and fast direct downloads to the Act of War demo, the official trailers, and some gameplay footage. 73,000 demo downloads from that site alone. Wow.

  •  11-26-2012, 12:57 AM 12017 in reply to 2819

    Re: Military Academy Tournament for game by Dale Brown (Retired US Air Force Officer)

    AviNation is an airport-management social game slated to hit Facebook in June.
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