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Last post 01-31-2001, 4:06 PM by anonymous2. 5 replies.
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  •  01-30-2001, 7:52 AM 1283


    *** Posted by Steve Collins ***
    Hey, I've got my own aviation website www.AirSpeedUK.com however I'm looking for ways to improve my hits and promote my site..I don't really like banner exchange and I haven't got the cash to advertise...!
    So what do you guys suggest I do...? I'm redesigning my site shortly, it's on aviation in general so I include a lot of articles news etc however I do not have the time to write huge news articles everyday...does anyone have any suggestions has to how to improve this whole thing...cheers

    Steve Collins
  •  01-30-2001, 7:20 PM 1284 in reply to 1283


    *** Posted by run ***

    Optimize your site for search engines. You can do this by reading about them on the net. If you really optimize your site you will get a lot of visitors that way.
    The best is of course to get good listings in Yahoo, google, Altavista etc.

    Try Fx to go to www.google.com or aol.com and search for f16. It really pays of to optize your site.

    Regards John Raahauge - Webmaster@avitop.com
  •  01-31-2001, 2:07 PM 1286 in reply to 1284


    *** Posted by Steve Collins ***
    cheers...but i'd like to keep my site's subject as a general aviation site...not one specific to a certain aircraft or event...but i see how doing what you said can help to boost visitors.
    Thanks again...and congards on the site...how do you manage to run such a big and interesting site...and still keep its contents fresh...?

    Stevo Collins
  •  01-31-2001, 2:21 PM 1287 in reply to 1286


    *** Posted by run ***

    You can still keep it "general Aviation" and target the search engines. The more really targeted keywords you have, the more visitors.

    The key to succes when we are talking content is automation. Most of the stuff on Avitop.com is automated and updates itself. It took a long time to build the admin module, but it really pays of over time. There would be no way I could run this site alone if I didn't automate things.
    I also have a 10-12 hour job as a military instructor pilot + wife and 3 kids to take care of ;o)

    Regards John Raahauge
  •  01-31-2001, 2:33 PM 1288 in reply to 1287


    *** Posted by Steve Collins ***
    Ok...I really should get to know how to have my vist automate itself to stay fresh...it may or may not surprise you to know that I am only 15...and with school and gliding courses in holidays it is also hard to keep up with the fast changing world of aviation!

    Maybe I should try to put a few liks...i haven't updated my site for weeks (but i do have a major update coming up) so at the moment ill experiment with banner exchange etc...however I am not to keen on this!

    Well whatever...cheers for that!

    Stephen Collins

    ps how did you get this excellent message board...all the ones I get a cheap freebies full of ads!
  •  01-31-2001, 4:06 PM 1289 in reply to 1288


    *** Posted by run ***
    [..ps how did you get this excellent message board...all the ones I get a cheap freebies full of ads!]

    I programmed it myself ;o)

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