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Color Blindness?

Last post 10-27-2021, 9:50 PM by JK123. 17 replies.
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  •  07-26-2006, 9:35 AM 3511

    Color Blindness?

    This is my first post.  I am going into junior year and have really begun thinking about the air force academy.  I am in the top 3% of my class with a 4.4 GPA, in the IB program, and in Boyscouts (I will be Eagle soon, I am working on my project right now). I am running for Senior Patrol Leader in my troop in a few weeks, with no doubts that I will be elected.  The only area Im concerned about is sports, of which I only play tennis, and Im not seated very high (seventh or 8th).  I havent taken the SAT or ACT yet, planning on doing that as soon as possible, but I did score a 28 on the PLAN and I am fairly confident that I can get over 700 on all SAT sections.  First, can anyone give me advice on what more I could be doing to bolster my chances of admission? 

    Second, after browsing the posts, all of the vision questions are related to distance.  My problem is color blindness.  I am not completely color blind at all, it is not detrimental in the slightest and I can see all colors and distinguish them perfectly.  Its just that when I go into the doctors office to do that test where you have to see the Fs in those dots of different colors, I cant see any of the 8 Fs except the first one!  Would that take me out of the running for piloting a fighter or a helicopter, or even a heavier plane for that matter?

    Thanks for any replies.

  •  07-26-2006, 1:25 PM 3512 in reply to 3511

    Re: Color Blindness?

    I went to the USAFA website www.academyadmissions.com

    I searched for the policy on colorblindness and I uncovered only this:

    "...Successful completion of the Pseudoisochromatic Plates or Farnsworth Lantern color vision tests and the Vision Test Apparatus – Near and Distant (VTA-ND) or Titmus Stereofly or Randot Stereo or Verhoeff depth perception tests is required..."

    Are you sure that you are even colorblind?  I would ask your doctor before making any judgements.  It sounds like you can see perfectly.  It also sounds like you would be a good candidate for the USAFA.  If I can find anything more specific, I'll post it up later.

    Good luck. 

  •  07-26-2006, 1:33 PM 3513 in reply to 3512

    Re: Color Blindness?

    Ahah that first test is the one that I cant do, the Pseudoisochromatic Plates.  I dont know about the Farnsworth Lantern tests, I couldnt find a sample of on on the internet, I will keep looking. Anyways I did find a PP example. Go here: http://colorvisiontesting.com/what%20colorblind%20people%20see.htm.  Scroll down to below the maps of the world and those are what I have a problem with. I see absolutely nothing in any of them, even the one that says normal vision.

    Also, none of the types of colorblindness on this page: http://colorvisiontesting.com/color2.htm apply to my case.  I guess its just like pastels or something that I cant process?

  •  07-26-2006, 4:34 PM 3514 in reply to 3513

    Re: Color Blindness?

    Yes, this is a tough case.  You should go and talk to your doctor about this.  Still, if it is only on these tests that your color vision seems to fail you, I can't see why you would not be allowed to fly.  They might even grant you a waiver anyways.  Like I suggested, you should probably go and talk to people who really know about this color blindess.  I am just offering my opinion that, despite your problem, I think you'll still be able to fly. 


  •  07-27-2006, 2:11 PM 3516 in reply to 3514

    Re: Color Blindness?

    I cant seem to find a sample of a farnsworth lantern test, apparently some people who cant do the PP can do that one, and I would like to see what one even looks like.  Also, would being a certified HAM radio operator be a small plus on admissions?

  •  07-27-2006, 3:07 PM 3517 in reply to 3516

    Re: Color Blindness?

    Well, I went to a presentation on the service academies with my dad.  I got a copy of a congressional nomination form and it is a big packet with a bunch of questions.  There are parts where they'll ask you about your hobbies and achievements and things like that, and that's where you can probably write dow your HAM radio stuff.  Yes, it probably would be a small plus.  I don't think that there are a whole lot of high school kids out there who do those kinds of things.
  •  12-05-2006, 11:13 AM 3816 in reply to 3511

    Re: Color Blindness?


    First off, I'm a cadet at the USAF Academy and know what you're going through to get in here. Secondly I'm red-green deficient and hence, partially color blind too. The way the academy has worked so far is allowing people with color blindness to join, but are labeled as "Commission Qualified" rather than "Pilot Qualified." This may or may not prevent you from getting a pilot slot, you'll just have to talk to the doctors here at the military flight screening to find out because you may not have a problem as bad as you think.

    On another note, the academy is a great place. The education is great, the scenery is amazing, and the comradery is one of a kind. However, I must warn you. If you do come, be prepared to become for a rough first year. As you may have heard, the Fourth Class (freshman) year is the most difficult physically, academically, and militarily with few privileges. After that year, though you are accepted as an upperclassmen and things are a lot easier...except the academics, but then again you do have a 4.4 GPA.

    Good luck and maybe we'll see you in a few years!

  •  12-09-2006, 1:05 PM 3825 in reply to 3816

    Re: Color Blindness?

    Thanks for the encouragement sws87.  I want the Academy whether or not I will be able to fly, but maybe I can get a waiver for UPT. I can't wait to get there!
  •  05-06-2009, 9:44 AM 7543 in reply to 3825

    Re: Color Blindness?

    I know a dr in Maryland who helps people with color blindness get their dream jobs. Check out the web site www.colormax.org. He has been 100% successful and has helped many people with their career's!
  •  06-18-2009, 4:08 PM 7812 in reply to 3511

    Re: Color Blindness?

    dauntlessthedrab, I heard what you wrote and I have the same situation. I can see every color perfectly just in the doctors office I get 1 or 2 wrong. I dont completely fail and I think I should be allowed to fly. Theres no way to change it. I looked on the web and theres no color blind surgery. so is it possible for me to join when i get older?
  •  06-23-2009, 8:54 PM 7848 in reply to 7812

    Re: Color Blindness?

    Color deficiency is not neccessarily a DQ for getting into the academy, but it usually is a DQ for a pilot slot.
  •  03-24-2010, 8:41 PM 9056 in reply to 7848

    Re: Color Blindness?

    Military aviation color vision policy will be changed, its just a matter of time:

  •  07-03-2011, 10:18 PM 10500 in reply to 3511

    Re: Color Blindness?

    If you have color blindness then you should have to meet the doctor first. you can solve your problem with them and you can go and give the exam again.
  •  05-01-2012, 8:34 AM 11424 in reply to 9056

    Re: Color Blindness?

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I wish to announce the formation of an association you should all join that will resolve all your colour vision issues in time by force.


    Formed recently by the only person ever to cause change in the colour vision standards for professional pilots in Australia and with a mission to cause change worldwide.
  •  06-29-2016, 2:16 AM 14667 in reply to 10500

    Re: Color Blindness?

    Delivery to any country. Agent's commission will be paid for.
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