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Military Flight Jackets

Last post 05-18-2003, 11:01 PM by raptor22. 3 replies.
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  •  11-07-2002, 4:48 AM 2040

    Military Flight Jackets

    What I would like to know is, what kind do they use?..

    Like I have seen some places that say things about the MA-1 being a like a UASF flight jacket. But when I asked about it on a diff fourm, they said something diff. Here is what one person said about it..

    <i>The MA-1 jacket is not a current-issue item, at least not in the USAF flying world. The current summer-weight green Nomex jacket is the CWU-36/P. You can tell the difference in the collar and the pocket flaps. The MA-1 has a knit collar while the 36/P has a fold-down Nomex collar. The MA-1 pockets are snapped down while 36/Ps have velcro flap attachments. Additionally, MA-1s were traditionally made of Nylon, while 36/Ps (and their winter weight counterparts, the CWU-45/P) are made of Nomex (or Aramid). </i>

    I would like to try to get my hands on something that a really pilot for the military has wearn or would be issued. I have seen MA-1 on ebay and some of then have UASF on there tag in one of the pockets But then I get that guy telling me something diff. I then got on there and have seen some of those green Nomex jacket he said something about. I just would like to have some info about it. What a real USAF/Naval military pilot would use for a flight jacket.
  •  11-07-2002, 7:26 AM 2041 in reply to 2040

    Re: Military Flight Jackets

    The person is correct. I have not seen anybody in USAF wear the nylon version with the knit collar in the last 10 years I am a Danish pilot and when I was a student (In USAF) in 92 we got the nomex version and now that I am an instructor in USAF we still get the nomex version. It wouldn't make sence at all for an aircrew to wear a nylon jacket. It wouldn't protect you in a fire - more the opposite - be a death trap.
  •  11-07-2002, 7:36 PM 2042 in reply to 2041

    Re: Military Flight Jackets

    Thank you for your help run.
    Could you give me a hand trying to find out about the sizes?. You see I am trying to see if I could get my self one of both those flight jackets. The CWU-45/P for the winter and CWU-36/P for summer. But dont know what type of size I would need. I am 5'4 125 lbs. Any help here with a size and if its even possible to be able to get them...

    Thanks agian..
  •  05-18-2003, 11:01 PM 2279 in reply to 2042

    Re: Military Flight Jackets


    I wear a medium (38-40) in the CWU-45/P and am 5'11'' and 155lbs. The jacket at this size fits me perfectly, so I would suggest that you go with the small size. This is a great jacket, wear it with pride!
    Glad to have been of any help.
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